Shopping for stories

For those of us who read, and read, and read … shopping for a new story is a spirit-refreshing adventure. Be it musing from stack to stack in a book store, or library, or browsing online, the experience is exhilarating. Sometimes it’s a random cover that strikes your heart, or mind. The symbols or colors displayed grab your intuition, or the people on the cover compel you to learn more about them. At other times, a seed planted by a friend, the media, or a review begins the quest.

Writing women’s fiction is like shopping for stories. I look for thoughtful characters involved in challenging plots and add in a touch of archaeology, the metaphysical, and alternative healing modalities. I love shopping!

14 thoughts on “Shopping for stories

  1. Congrats on your first blog Nancy! I’m a cover-girl all the way…and no I don’t mean I’m a super…I am always drawn to a book first by the cover! Then the back blurb and inside blurb….and if I’m still interested, that book is mine!

    Nice post!


  2. I can spend hours in a book store. No problem. I find myself browsing at Target, Meijers, Wallmart, Kmart and even at Krogers. I have a sickness according to my DH. But he says it with a grin.
    I am an addict,
    Nice post,


  3. Hey Nancy,
    You’re a blogger, girl! Congrats. One of my favorite things to do in the winter is go to Barnes and Noble and get a cup of coffee and browse. I could spend the entire afternoon doing that. One reason why I would hate to see the brick and mortar venues disappear.


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