North Raleigh


Raleigh, North Carolina is a vigorously growing Capital city developed as one of the primary participants in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle Park (RTP). This city in Wake County was placed on a recent Top Ten Best Places to Live list and attracts many who look for technology jobs, affordable new housing, temperate climate, and a family-based society.

Interstate I440 circles the city, with the new Interstate 540 (or outer loop) built to anticipate growing traffic. North Raleigh is suburban Raleigh loosely north of I440 and I540 … a delightful region of wooded, rolling hills. pasture lands, and forests of evergreen pine that surrounds beautiful Falls Lake.

Laurinda Elliot relocated from Westchester County, New York to find an opportunity as a software product manager on word of mouth advertisement. She joined the growing tide of relocatees and successfully found a spot while bumping into Dan Riser, a successful software developer. Together they lived the young-professional-couple lifestyle in a new townhouse in North Raleigh with all the perks of success.

Their story is part of Raleigh’s economic profile. What happens when Laurinda looks back on her success and wonders where the true meaning is? Nardi Point tells her story.

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