The Roads of Nardi Point

Laurinda Elliot loves exploring North Raleigh while driving her silver Porsche Boxter convertible. Most everything is off the main North/South tributary, Six Forks Road. She can easily drive South into Raleigh passing both the Outer Loop, I540, and take I440’s Inner Loop, or drive North up to North Raleigh. It was from Six Forks Road and that eventful turn onto Possum Track Road that brought her eventually to the Nardi Point subdivision to where her biggest plans and adventures take place.

“At the GPS command, Laurinda turned left instead of joining Possum Track road and followed the contours of Falls Lake.

The road turn was so abrupt it certainly should have marked the beginning of a new road, but not here. It just meandered along perfectly content to confuse as she drove on trying to make sense of where her life was at now.”

Falls Lake sits close by and roads such as Norwood, Nipper, Adams Mountain, Pleasant Union Church, and Mt Vernon Church roads and Sassafras Lane all skirt it. Laurinda’s journey traveling the roads of Nardi Point takes her on a collision course with the past and ultimately, her future.

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