Laurinda Elliot Interview – Nardi Point!

It’s my great pleasure this morning to have, Laurinda Elliot from Nardi Point visiting. Laurinda has graciously stopped by, although I did bribe her with an offer to share some wonderful ZEST Cafe chocolate covered banana cake while we talk about the release today of Nardi Point!

Nancy: Welcome Laurinda! Today’s the big day! Folks all over the Triangle as well as the nation are about to read your story. I love it’s regionally set right here in North Raleigh.

Laurinda Elliot

Laurinda: Thanks so much for having me! I’m so excited … although knowing so many will be reading about my journey is a little unnerving. It’s so personal. Hmmm, Nancy this cake is wonderful.

Nancy: So, you relocated to the Raleigh area several years ago, from Westchester County, New York? Raleigh sees so many newcomers, especially since it was voted one of the top ten places to live. What drove you to come here?

Laurinda: I needed a job, really. As a software product manager, Raleigh has great opportunity for technological positions. But more than that, I found the terrain similar to Westchester: rolling pastureland, lots of forested areas. Unlike Westchester though, Raleigh has the bluest Carolina skies I’ve ever seen … and pretty much EVERY day! I guess it came down to great weather and great opportunity.

Nancy: Yes, I love it, too. So, you came down and met a guy if I remember, pretty much your first week … Dan, right? More Coffee?

Laurinda: Ahhh Dan. Such a talented software code developer, so clever and bright … but so hung up on himself.

Nancy: That’s what I wanted to ask you about. Whatever was the attraction?

Laurinda: Dan has a good heart, actually. He confided in me about his early childhood which sounded so bleak. I could see how that can shape a young child. Especially in his case where his talent never had an outlet in his early years. I didn’t realize though, how much of me it was taking to, you know, build up his self-confidence.

Nancy: So, I’m dying to hear about those early Native American artifacts discovered at Nardi Point! Who would have thought that could happen in North Raleigh!

Laurinda: I guess we were all amazed at that! If it hadn’t been for Leyla Jo actually finding them, this story wouldn’t have happened. I learned so much about encouraging responsibility toward conserving archaeological resources. The potsherds were not ours to make a decision about. They belonged to every North Carolinian and to every American. You know, folks just don’t realize that if you remove a projectile point, or arrowhead, from its location, you destroy the context or provenience of that piece. In other words, you can no longer determine what it is, how it was used, with what other items was it used … all important Rosetta stones for interpretation.

Nancy: Have you seen the new reality show, American Digger? They use metal detectors to find “treasure” and then sell it to collectors.

Laurinda: OMG! That’s the worst! I hear they use backhoes to quickly plunder archaeological resources. They destroy the resources and are really robbing current and future generations of the knowledge about the family of man’s history. I couldn’t bury the past, even when building a home and family meant so much to me.

Nancy: Are there other artifacts in our area do you suppose?

Laurinda: There are! When Wakefield Plantation was being developed, especially the High School right there, both pre-historic and historic artifacts were found. And around Falls Lake, about 41 sites of archaeological interest were identified, so we know Paleo-Indians were in this Piedmont region some 10,000 years ago!

Nancy: Wow! And the Egyptian pyramids are only about 3,000 years old!

Laurinda: Exactly! You get it, Nancy!

Nancy: Well, I know you have to be on your way. Once last question, have you thought who might play you in the movie?

Laurinda: Ha ha. I’m thinking, I’m thinking. Maybe Anne Hathaway?

Nancy: Ha ha … I can see that actually! Thanks again, Laurinda! Maybe you could stop by again, sometime? Bye! And for everyone else, you’ll want to actually read all about Laurinda in the newly released Nardi Point! Have a great day!

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