Dan Riser – Nardi Point Interview

Dan Riser is my guest this afternoon. Dan is Laurinda Elliot’s partner in Nardi Point. He’s an extraordinary software code developer, an in-demand talent all over the country, but particularly in the Triangle Research Park in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Nancy: Welcome Dan! Here, help yourself to some strawberry Twizzlers. It’s the large bag, so enjoy! I know many Nardi Point readers have lots of questions for you. Maybe later you could stick around and answer some?

Dan: Hey! Thanks for inviting me, and the Twizzlers — my fav, but you knew that! I have to balance my addiction to them with time at the gym ….

Nancy: … mind if I have one, they’re good! So, Dan, you were already established in Raleigh, with a good job, and then you met Laurinda at a job fair. What was that all about?

Dan: Ahhh, it’s about me, I suppose. About well … wanting to be recognized for the skill I’d developed. It was a new feeling for me and a heady trip.

Nancy: Yes, you said … “it was sexy to be the uber-code guru for the leading healthcare product and that prestige brought with it respect from the ladies, smart team members, and hiring managers. So sexy, there was a time I cruised technology job fairs to check out the excitement my resume created in recruiters’ eyes and explored the better paying opportunities they eagerly offered.” That doesn’t sound like a lack of self-confidence to me, eh?

Dan: Whewwwww. Kinda sounds awful out loud doesn’t it. But you’ve gotta know, I didn’t have much going for me growing up in a poorer section outside Chicago. I was really a nobody, and when you’re a young kid, you shoulder that view of yourself for too long. My parents had their own troubles although Mom may have understood some. I wanted to be a somebody. You know, to prove I had what it took.

Nancy: You and Laurinda worked in the same company in Raleigh. Laurinda mentioned the effect of coincidence in pairing. She says every time she turned around you were there. “At one point all I had to do was look left or right and there he’d be. Funny how coincidence can build a relationship.” Did that just happen or were you more of the author of the coincidence?

Dan: Ha ha. In the beginning, there was an element of coincidence, like meeting her at the job fair. But when she didn’t shut me down, and when I looked into her beautiful face, I took more of an active role in, well, let’s say “shaping” coincidence. And of course, when she eventually got a job in my company, that was easier to do. She was on my radar.

Nancy: Do you suppose guys do that, in general?

Dan: Could be … sorta like a hunter. Stalking is a bad word for it, but when a guy meets someone who causes a flutter, he finds himself thinking about her … a lot and being pulled to find her, call her, take her out.

Nancy: So, there you were … a couple now living in North Raleigh  … can you tell us about Cat?

Dan: Cat. It’s complicated, Nancy. And upsetting the way it turned out. I guess I just wasn’t ready … and yet my world got turned upside down with Cat. Both were beautiful women. Laurinda, too thoughtful maybe.

Nancy: But what you call “thoughtful” is more like examining life as you go along, being mindful of the situations we find ourselves in?

Dan: Maybe. What probably didn’t help was her friend Leyla Jo.

Nancy: Do you like Leyla Jo?

Dan: Humph! Leyla Jo has all these granola ideas about holistic healing, and seems to live a more spiritual-based life. I guess it just got in the way of what I was all about.

Nancy: Well, I’d like to talk more about that with you, but it looks like you’ve … finished the Twizzlers! And I know you have to leave. Your story, Nardi Point, is now released and available to the public. They’ll be weighing in with their own take on what happened.

Dan: Yes, that’s right. Well, I can hang out to answer some questions before I leave and I’d love to talk to readers about that. Present my point of view as it were ….

Nancy: We’d love that, Dan! Thanks.

If you all have a question you’d like to ask Dan, please take advantage of his open invitation. By the way, who do you think could play Dan in the movie?

6 thoughts on “Dan Riser – Nardi Point Interview

    1. (… whispering because he’s still sitting right across from me …) He is a snarky one, isn’t he. In fact, he scarfed up all the Twizzlers and wants more. Shhhhhhh. Okay, I thought of Kevin Bacon but he’s too fair. Who could you see Anne Hathaway with?

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