ZEST Cafe and Home Art … Laurinda and Leyla Jo’s favorite Cafe!

Just off Six Forks road, in North Raleigh, is a very special Cafe and Home Art emporium– ZEST. If you’re meeting someone for lunch, or browsing for fantImageastic smart home decor accent pieces, ZEST is a joy for the eye to behold.

Most items are delightful accessory accents, the type that makes entertaining fun for both the hostess as well as the guest. Items are whimsically displayed pattern on pattern, dazzling the eye in bright color blocks with small touches of humor. ZEST is the perfect source for great gifts, particularly wedding or engagement showers, new baby, anniversary, or birthdays. An especially tempting children’s gift selection inspires anyone who has a special young child in their heart, to pick up an item anticipating the child’s beaming smile as she opens it!

Laurinda Elliott and Leyla Jo Piper met often at ZEST to catch up and lunch. Laurinda planned an October wedding along with decorating her and Dan’s new home built in the Nardi Point subdivision, so she coveted every item as a possible addition.

The gift section doesn’t stand alone, there’s also the great Cafe in a modern cozy setting. Wonderful ZESTwiches, Salads, Soups and larger Main offerings such as the awesome quesadilla. Laurinda’s favorite lunch was the french brie cheese, baby arugula, sparkling cranberry apricot chutney and spiced almond slivers on homemade honey wheat bread, with a glass of cranberry juice. Leyla Jo, enjoyed the modern coziness of the space, and the souper soups to which she often added middle eastern style hummus with a great bread. Image

It was here Leyla Jo spoke her heart to special friend Laurinda, opening her eyes to the situation with Dan.

“He’s different,” Laurinda confided softly to Leyla Jo as they shared Sunday brunch back at trendy, contemporary Zest Cafe. Leyla Jo knew this was her friend’s favorite eatery—a combination cafe and boutique displaying snappy, chic household items in creative color groups that never failed to delight. It seemed so long ago that she’d watched Laurinda enthusiastically covet the tabletop accessories for entertaining, knowing Laurinda visualized the bright colors in the new home she planned with Dan. Now she saw her lack of interest in the attractive items as concern over Dan deepened.

Leyla Jo put down her baked-brie, cranberry chutney sandwich avoiding her friend’s eyes.

“It’s always been difficult getting to his emotional side, but of course it would happen,” Laurinda continued. “Now, there’s a change, a barrier. Maybe it’s the travel to Chicago. I don’t know.” Laurinda looked away. She hadn’t touched her chicken tarragon salad. “He’s had to step that up for the wizard project. Maybe that’s it?”

ImageIf you happen to feel like you need a touch of ZESTfulness in your day, ZEST is the place to go! Who knows? You just might get to meet Laurinda and Leyla Jo! They’d like you! Enjoy!

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