Summertime at the lake

Summertime can be hot in North Carolina. But in Raleigh, not as hot as other southern venues due to the effects of the Piedmont. I’ve experienced more uncomfortable humidity in D.C. and Westchester County, NY than I’ve ever encountered here. From June on through September, you know it’s summertime. And I say, bring it on! Celebrate the golden daze of summer with joy and zest!

Falls Lake, north of Raleigh, offers a wonderful, wooded and cool refuge on particularly hot days. A favorite spot selected in Nardi Point was the Upper Barton Creek boat launch.

          “He sat companionably alongside her on the quiet, Upper Barton Creek wooden boat dock that stretched out like a slender hand into the blue, warm waters of Falls Lake. The dock floated parallel to Six Forks Road and drivers-by might distractedly notice the attractive young couple finishing an impromptu fast-food picnic lunch of golden-fried, bucket chicken along with the fresh slaw they do so well in North Carolina, and fresh biscuits. Both enjoyed the Mayberry-bright summer day. Sweet tea filled yellow plastic cups, and although a sparkling, white Riesling wine would be perfect, the tea was sweet, cool, and familiar. He’d introduced the tea to her and there was no reason to risk the occasional State Trooper patrolling the public recreational boat ramp who would take exception to alcohol in the park.

          Her energy was triumphant, confident. Bronze curls shot with red caught the sun and tumbled softly over her Farah Fawcett face complete even to her green eyes. Her flame red summer cotton dress of billowy proportions caught the gentle breeze coming in off the lake like a sail for a boat the couple would surely have enjoyed launching if they had one.”

Ahhhh. Summertime! In honor of summertime and the good reading opportunities, join me in my publisher’s blog hop! Link to their site to join in. And to celebrate as well, Please add a comment here to my blog on June 10th to enter a drawing for a $15 Amazon gift card! Winner will be notified by June 12th!

Have fun! It’s summertime after all!


7 thoughts on “Summertime at the lake

  1. Julie Newberry

    Hi Nancy, I love the way you described Upper Barton Creek boat launch, in your excerpt, it sounds so peaceful, I would love to visit there, I live in the UK, in a very rural location and that sounds just idyllic, Thankyou for sharing and having a wonderful giveaway x x


    1. Hi Julie!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpt! The UK is one of my most favorite places in the world … in Nardi Point, Laurinda likens the area where she wants to build their new home to a small English village she’d visited. Of course, Burford is lovely and all those Cotswold villages. In fact, My relatives lived in Fennel Heath, just north of Worchestershire. Beautiful countryside!


  2. Shadow

    Hi! Congrats on your release! Sounds great! Loving the excerpt! Cant wait to read more!! 😀 Thanks for sharing!


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