4 thoughts on “Nardi Point Chanticleer Review Category Winner!

  1. Congratulations on NARDI POINT winning the FIRST PLACE BLUE RIBBON AWARD for Contemporary Women’s Fiction from Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media published novels contest 2012! You should receive your blue ribbon in the mail along with your award certificate in a few weeks.


  2. Lisa

    From Sandra Martin:
    I had Nardi Point by Nancy LaPonzina on my coffee table for a few weeks. I liked the cover art, soothing and mysterious so kept it there because I got a good feeling whenever I walked by. Over the weekend I decided to read it, since it’d been good coffee table art maybe it’d be a good story too. I don’t read much fiction.

    Nancy introduces me to Laurinda, an IT project manager and her ball-game watching boyfriend Dan and immediately I’m not crazy about this Dan guy. Laurinda is a hard worker, a multi-tasker and smart. Dan seems not so nice. And because it is romance fiction, Laurinda is also gorgeous. All the other characters are introduced into the story perfectly.

    Nancy weaves together characters and concepts that I’m interested in-like Reiki, intuition, and past lives. She is a good story teller and most of all, for a non-fiction reader like myself it was a great learning experience. I learned about Paleo-Indians artifacts from a North Carolina State Archeologist and how the Indians moved from Virginia on through North Carolina and into Georgia. They’ve found evidence of thee same groups. I even learned the oldest aboriginal ceramic containers are over 10,000 years old and were made by Japanese fishermen.

    I love books where all the characters play their parts so perfectly and after trials and tribulations end up happy. I love being entertained and also learning something new.
    Now if only life were like Nardi Point.

    Sandra Martin


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