Introducing Author Eleanor Tatum

I have author Eleanor Tatum visiting today! Eleanor is a talented writer and a member of our Critters critique group. Eleanor is kicking off her blog tour to share news about her new release, Swamp Run! And, it looks like she has folks with her, too. Groupies already Eleanor?

Eleanor: Hi Nancy! Yes, I have with me today, Police Chief Joseph Sutton, and pharmaceutical attorney, Corry Freeman!

Nancy: Welcome Chief Sutton. Attorney Corry! I’ve been following your story with anticipation.  Eleanor, can you tell us a little about the story?

Eleanor: Swamp Run is a romantic suspense set in Lake Wheatley Southeastern North Carolina. Let me read you the blurb.

When tall, tightly muscled,  Joseph Sutton runs to the swamps of southeastern North Carolina, he retreats from the violent world of FBI agents to become a small, peaceful town’s police chief. He hopes to heal his head, heart and soul. Will a few years in his swampy kingdom renew him? Or will the chief find what he runs from follows as he protects his kingdom’s newest subject from invading northern predators?

Escaping from Boston, Corry Freeman, a pharmaceutical attorney, runs to the swamps to hide herself and her stolen evidence of illegal drug sales. It takes time and self protection to secretly organize her stolen evidence for a federal prosecution. Hating to admit she needs help, she tries to resist her attraction to the friendly town and its chief lawman. Should she lure her northern predators away from these good people or trust the town’s ability to protect and serve?

Nancy: Don’t let me stop you, now! More please!

Eleanor: I’d be glad too! I’ll get the chief’s story first, if you don’t mind. Chief Sutton, please explain why you decided to move to LakeWheatly and run a successful campaign for the office of police chief?

Chief Joseph Sutton:  Call me Joseph of course and thanks for letting Corry and me accompany you on the tour!  The coffee’s great and donuts! Well, to begin, I relocated to take an administration job in the local school system.  Soon I discovered the citizens were in need of two or more names on their ballots for the election of a police chief and much to my surprise I won.

Eleanor:   Well, you shouldn’t be surprised.  You’re a retired FBI agent, aren’t you?

Chief Joseph Sutton:  Yes, but don’t hold that against me. (smiling)

Eleanor: (laughing and flirting) Why give up such an exciting job plus I’m sure the pay was far more?

Chief Joseph Sutton:  There was more money, no doubt, but the peace is what I was after.  You see, I was a recent widower and the firm was glad to see me go.

Eleanor:  Good grief, why?

Chief Joseph Sutton:  (hesitating) Well, I was a bit emotional when I stopped the scum who killed my Allison.  The FBI and other agencies have unwritten rules about the number of bullets spent.  They requested I take a long leave.

That should be enough for your answer.

Eleanor:  Yes, thanks.  Now, if you don’t mind, how did you meet Cory Freeman, and what was your first impression of her?

Chief Joseph Sutton: (smiling) We met in a rapidly rising creek bed.  She was trying her best to save an elderly gentleman and together we pulled him out.  His family wanted to award her for her heroism so they gave her a year’s rent on their lake cottage.  She moved into my kingdom and I managed to convince her to stay.

Eleanor:  Was that difficult?

Chief Joseph Sutton:  Difficult, yes, but pleasant, very pleasant.

Eleanor:  Your small town recently experienced an invasion of sorts.  Tell me about that?  Could you summarize because my guess is some individuals are still facing charges and I should not print everything.

Chief Joseph Sutton:  Summarizing might be inflammatory as well.  Maybe I can ease the pain.  We were invaded by Yankees and while I deeply love one of them, the rest are now in jail.  Corry was followed here by some ruthless fellows who were after the evidence which she had against them.  To be honest a few of the trouble makers were from here but most were not.

Eleanor: And didn’t I read about an unusual hero, besides yourself, of course?

Chief Joseph Sutton: Ah … Douglas.  Yes, he appeared just at the right time, twice, which is highly unusual for an eight-foot gator!

Nancy: Whoa … have some more coffee on that one. Is that your cell tone, Chief?

Chief Joseph Sutton: (taking his cell from his belt) Yes, it is. Who’d be calling me here?

Nancy: Okay! Let’s break here and pick it up in ten. How’s that sound? In the meantime, don’t miss Swamp Run! More donuts?

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