More Swamp Run with Corry Freeman

Looks like the donuts are gone! But Eleanor Tatum, Chief Joseph Sutton and Corry Freeman are still with us.

Eleanor: I got to see the cottage you stayed in Corry, down in the Carolina coastal region. It has quite a view… Wow!

Corry: Thanks. I’m quite fond of the place, but when I had first arrived I expected an alligator in my kitchen nearly every morning. 

Eleanor:  Gracious! Why?

Corry:  That’s all  Chief Joseph here talked about.  I’m exaggerating but he did put the fear in me.

Eleanor:  You know, he just mentioned to me here about an alligator who was rather helpful to you.

Corry:  (laughing) Ah, Douglas, yes, the sweetheart saved my life twice!  He was a great backup to Joseph’s police work.

Eleanor:  Sweetheart?  Speaking of sweethearts, tell us about your impressions of the town’s police chief. How long after you moved to the coast did you two start dating?

Corry: (laughing) No, we skipped the dating part of our courtship and went straight into danger.

Eleanor:  Yes, that’s right. I heard you had some evidence to protect?

Corry:  My employer, Jason Rivers, of Rivers Pharmaceutical, Boston, was selling pain medicine not approved by the FDA.  He sold them to his own nursing home chain. He and his army of thugs gave Chief Sutton far too much trouble. Joseph didn’t have a minute to ask me for a date.

Eleanor:  Now, why there?  How on earth did you find the place?

Corry:  Well, leaving Boston wasn’t too difficult, but the journey south was adventurous.  During one of those adventures I learned about this lake.

Eleanor:  And your family?

Corry:  Rivers had my only family murdered to frighten me into returning the evidence.  He murdered my grandmother … she’d raised me.  I loved her dearly.   My parents were murdered by terrorists in the bombing of a Pam Am flight over Scotland.  My grandmother helped me put my young life back together and Jason Rivers tried to destroy it.  No, I couldn’t let him get away with it.  There had been too much pain.

Eleanor: So, Joseph Sutton and Douglas glued your pieces back together.  Is that accurate?

Corry:  (smiling) very accurate.

Nancy: Yes, I can see that smile ….

Eleanor:  Please tell us why Robinson Island is near and dear to you. I’ve heard so many different rumors.  Set me straight.

Corry:  Bottom line…they saved my life. Rivers had kidnapped me and I guess he and his small army had planned to take me back to Boston where they thought I had hidden the evidence.  They assumed it was in Boston because they couldn’t find it here.  The islanders trapped us in the swamp and forced him to get me out of his stolen truck.  Once we were out Douglas and then Joseph took over. To tell you the truth if it wasn’t for those fine people the evidence for the prosecution would’ve have been lost.

Eleanor:  That sounds like you are quite fond of that area.  Are you planning to stay?

 Corry:  Well…I just might.

 Nancy: From the look on your faces, I’d say that is a yes. Thanks for stopping by all of you! Look forward to reading about your adventures in Swamp Run!

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