Story Soundtracks …

While waiting on edits from my publisher for A Path through the Garden, I’m gathering storylines, plots, characters, and locales for my newest work in progress. To be completed toward the end of the year … its working title is Yellow Pansies in a Blue Cobalt Jar.

The story involves new main characters, Rhose Guerin, a fifty-something Bibliotherapist and her husband, Bruns. Rhose has extensive clinical experience and a thriving private therapy practice. Bibliotherapy utilizes novels, movies, poetry, and music lyrics to help treat clients. So I wondered about what soundtrack/background music might work with this latest story. Many writers select a collection of tunes specific to each story. The music can inspire moods, pivotal scenes, and emotions.

The other night, Thom and I visited the North Carolina Museum of Art for Valentine’s Day. The museum cafe, Iris, presented a wonderful three-course menu, flowers, excellent local organic chocolate, a live music combo, and photos to commemorate the evening. The special Paths through the garden PRevent menu featured a guided tour participants could follow before or after the meal, to view art associated with love. And of course, we had a photo taken before character  Laurinda Elliot of Nardi Point’s favorite painting, A Garden Parasol.

I wondered what might be playing in the background as we enjoyed the evening. Something joyful and fun and I tried to grab at titles and match them with tunes. Not easy to remember titles! For Rhose’s story, I have two selected already but it’ll be interesting to see what others may bubble up.

I like inserting audio into a story, as one more sense to layer into the world my characters inhabit. I’ll have to see what tunes synchronistically come my way as this new story develops!

6 thoughts on “Story Soundtracks …

  1. Mary Ross

    Hi Nancy

    The newest, yet unwritten, book sounds so very different, yet already I’m in anticipation mode — and I love the arts theme!! Music can dig deep into the soul and truly transport a person into a different feeling place. Good luck with A Path Through the Garden!


    1. Thanks, Mary! Yes, Rhose Guerin’s story is quite different from Laurinda and Leyla-Jo’s! I plan on having her stay in Westport for a little bit. I haven’t been there in 20 years now! Have you been there recently? I know they have a great Eileen Fisher store there. And the great stationer’s store, and Remarkable Book Shop. Wonder if they carry Nardi Point? (smile).


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