Book Club Studioso

Writers are lucky in so many ways … the joy of creating a story, inventing wonderful characters who live with you forever,and receiving lovely invitations from book clubs to talk about our most precious stories.

Today I experienced all these joys when the Book Club Studioso invited me to luncheon and book discussion for Nardi Point. The meeting hostess, Bethany Kelly, presented a delicious three-course luncheon for sixteen members in her delightful and beautiful home in Wakefield. Wine, Mattie Reddick’s famous vegetable soup, savory sandwiches, sweet tea, chocolate bark brittle, and banana pudding … yum!

There were touches of spring whimsically presented in every nook and crannie throughout Bethany’s home. The table-settings included Bunnies, birds, egg-filled trees and I enjoyed the warm hospitality extended to every invitee. Program chairman Matt Reddick delivered a beautiful introduction, thank you Matt, and we were off to the land of Nardi Point … exploring its local setting only miles from where we all sat together. Book Club Studioso

Synchronicity again was in evidence. At the end of the discussion, Bethany presented me with the most exquisite moss-wrapped pot of spring pansies set in amongst small green ground-cover plants! Yes, my next story, Pansies in a Blue Cobalt Jar, uses the pansy as a metaphor … and here it was being kindly presented to me! Amazing!

Thanks to everyone this afternoon, your questions, your interest, your kindness in sharing Nardi Point! I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Ahhhh, the writing life!

2 thoughts on “Book Club Studioso

  1. Congratulations! You reached a milestone as an author today. It was the first of many. Book clubs all over will be clamoring to share Paths Through the Garden next.


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