Ahhhhh the sweet writing life …

ImageI met with a reader of Nardi Point over a coffee recently. She’d finished the story and enjoyed it even though when she first began she had mixed feelings. “What do I have in common with a gal who drives a Porsche sports car and wears designer clothing?” she’d asked.

But then as she read deeper, she bonded with Leyla Jo and the story became a richer and more satisfying read. This wonderful reader took notes and wanted to explore the characters and gain insight into their motivations. This level of interest is what makes writers’ hearts soar!

And here’s where our meeting gave me chills. This dear reader had selected two quotes that especially rang true to her. These were the same words that as I’d written them, I respected their meaning fully. I guess you’d say I was inspired to write them. And to receive affirmation that these words had been received was amazing. I thank and honor this dear reader with a very happy heart.

I’d love to share any feedback readers would like to share about Nardi Point! I welcome your comments! Feedback helps shape and mold current stories and the issues the stories explore.

And, A Path through the Garden, the sequel to Nardi Point, releases July 3, 2013! I’ve heard from others that they are waiting anxiously to follow Leyla Jo’s story and what comes next. You won’t have long to wait!

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