Terribly lost in Toulouse ….

Dordogne 2013Cote CarmeSo, a pretty standard writing convention is … if you describe a rifle hanging above a fireplace or displayed in a room, that rifle had better be important to the plot. Here’s what I found about that … don’t characters get lost on their journeys? But unless the getting lost leads to a plot element, we never do hear about it.  Not that my characters are anywhere near Toulouse, France of course!

Here’s what happened to us! After flying into Brussels, a bag handler strike kept our checked bags from going on to Toulouse. We never check our bags, but thought this time, why not? Ahhh yes, why not. We landed in Toulouse, picked up the rental car, sans baggage and drove into Toulouse.  Toulouse is an ancient city with narrow streets, road constrution, and a plethora of one-way streets. We knew we were way wrong when we ended up in a cemetery on the other side of town. Fortunately, our basic French helped make us two new French friends who nicely led us to our Cote Carmes. And were we ever happy to turn in that evening!

We learned some 20,000 pieces of luggage were stockpiled from Sunday evening. Our chances of being reunited with our bags were slim. That meant … SHOPPING at Galeries Lafayette for basic clothing items. And then on to La Roque Gageac.  If only I could write my own story!

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