Meadows are everywhere!

May meadows are special fields of fragrant spring wildflowers and new life. There’s nothing like a sun-dappled meadow first thing in the morning or at late afternoon for inspiration.

I looDordogne 2013 Sunday 52613 071k for meadows wherever I travel.  This one is at Chateau des Baudry near Monestier, France. Not only flowered with yellow, blue, white, and pink flowers, it’s filled with bright bird song, madly buzzing bees, and crickets. Over the treetops off to the West, you can make out the spire of the Eglise or church in Monestier.

Of course I asked Monsieur Francois if by chance there were any suncup wildflowers. Those would be the ones Leyla Jo searches for in A Path through a Garden.  From Monsieur’s puzzled face, I immediately recognized the value of knowing the Latin names for plant species. Because Jed is an archeobotanist in Paths, he told me the proper Latin name … Oenothera biennis. Monsieur then smiled, but answered, “Non.”

C’est la vie!

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