A Path Through the Garden now available!

PathGarden_Cover (1) A Path Through the Garden, the long awaited sequel to Nardi Point is here! Thanks to all my readers who loved Nardi Point and asked for more about alternative healer, nurse practitioner, Leyla Jo and her best friend Laurinda. A Path Through the Garden joins these characters about three years past Nardi Point and explores alternative holistic therapies, flower and herbal essences, dips into the world of archaeology, Native American folkways, infertility, and the flow of short-term dedicated relationships and recovery.

Alternative healer Leyla-Jo helps others grow their families, yet struggles with her own infertility. Hoping for a solution for her yearning to become a family, Leyla Jo turns to her folkways heritage and explores natural plant botanicals for a solution.   When the archaeological exhibit Leyla Jo and Hal curates is compromised by international scientists from Rome and the Director of the local Art Museum, the couple’s role in the professional, scientific community is severely challenged. After Hal falls ill, Leyla Jo’s desire leads to a conflicted crossroad … must she choose her husband’s health over their craving for a child?  Now Leyla Jo must explore her path through the garden and travel her biggest journey.

To best enjoy this heartfelt story, I strongly suggest first reading Nardi Point!

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