Happy Birthday Rebel Ink Press!

thumbnail birthdayThere’s just something fun and exciting about birthdays … whether single digit ones or high double digits it doesn’t seem to matter. And summer birthdays are even more fun! My publisher, Rebel Ink Press celebrates Birthday Number 3 and all I can say is congrats and I wish you so many more, E, Sheri, Jen, Carl, Lila, Dawn, Britni, Bethany, and Ryan! Cheers!

Leyla Jo Piper, a character in both Nardi Point and its sequel, A Path Through the Garden, would use some metaphysical tools to find out more about Rebel Ink Press. True to form, she cast an astrological chart and smiled widely at the results.

The chart has Sagittarius rising (Sagittarius is the sign of publishing) and a Leo Sun (creative, drama, loyal, royal, romance) positioned in the 9th House, which is the house of publishing, also with a flavor of Capricorn (business and recognition) added. The third component of interest in any chart is the Moon and its placement–and in this chart it’s in the 1st house, in the sign Sagittarius as well! Leyla Jo would commend this chart expecting nothing less from a successful publishing entity that truly incorporates the literary as well as beauty, diplomacy, and relationships.

To take the celebration further, the Rebel Ink crew decided to organize a Summer Blog Hop, Summer Lovin’, event! Here’s how it works! Click the link to navigate to the Rebel Ink Press website. There you’ll find author links to all participating Rebel authors. Select authors and share what they have to say about a summer crush, or their favorite summer read, or summer fun. SummerLovin_Button

And because what is a birthday without gifts, the Rebel team turns it around and is offering a prize of a KINDLE PAPERWHITE and an AUTHOR SWAG BAG (read free books, mugs, bookmarks, all kinds of goodies)!

Click this link for a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy, Happy Birthday, Rebel! Here’s to Summer fun and Summer Lovin.’

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Rebel Ink Press!

    1. Tarot is such an intricate and many layered metaphysical tool! I have used it for some sticky plot knots, but I’ve used astrology for 25+ years! So fascinating to tap other sources of inspiration! 🙂

    1. Palm readings are also fascinating. I’ve had my palm read once. The reader said I’ve have a first child later in life. Of course I wanted specifics (knowing at my age that the reader must be a little off), boy or girl? What would the child’s name be? He replied it would be a boy. As to the name he said he couldn’t be clear but it was like an unusual name he tried to make out but couldn’t at the time. The second part of the reading was that I’d be super famous. So I smiled and thanked him. Many years later, I was asked to be Godmother to a little boy who’s name was Kyle (not as popular as it is today). The reading came back to me as I carried the little boy baby up to the altar. I’m still waiting for the famous part! Haha. Thanks for stopping by!

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