Holiday stories!

Christmas ballsAround this time of year I see beautiful covers for new holiday-themed story releases and I have to admit, I admire those authors who plan such a story and execute it. For me, though, many years of finding time to grab a book and read it, meant I’d have about two-three books in progress and in varying states of completion … and any holiday story would certainly only be completed AFTER the date in the story and definitely not during a holiday stretch. Reading a Christmas story in July doesn’t do it for me.

I’ve never felt an urge to write a holiday timeline. I think because I’m disappointed in holiday over-commercialization in general today and it would follow that my characters would not be so wide-eyed, or motivated by a date on their calendars. Characters shouldn’t feel they have to take action because of an arbitrary date, but perhaps that’s a story right there … understanding the why of all that and where it leads them. The jaded view is their conflict would all be resolved by January 2, if you know what I mean. While I did include a brief Christmas prep scene in A Path through the Garden with Leyla Jo and Hal in Rome, Italy … the holiday was more about emphasizing the theme of family and Leyla Jo’s desire to share a baby with Hal.

How about you? Do you enjoy a good holiday-themed book? Do you look for a story title specifically to read during this time? Have you wondered how characters from my stories might celebrate their holidays?

Wishing you all the happiness of these coming days and the most healthy, prosperous, and wise New Year!

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