The Vintage Telepath

The Vintage Telepath Available in eBook and Paperback print versions

Book Two in the Loving Vintage Series, released January 2018. VintageTelepath_Cover (1)

In this series, we meet three friends who work at the Loving Vintage, upscale vintage consignment shop: boomer Annie Savone; Julie Bishop; and Mimi Shepherd. They must unravel challenging life situations to meet each day proactively and with grace.

Julie Bishop is a clothes telepath. She has only to hold a garment or object to receive extraordinary information about its purchase, its owner, and its story. Julie’s job is to examine and authenticate items Loving Vintage shop customers bring for consignment. In the widespread world of forgeries and knock-offs, the shop authenticator must have in-depth knowledge of PRINT cover Vintage Telepathvintage construction and detail to set a true market value for items sold in the shop.

Julie’s special power seals her expertise. But rejection by peers early on for knowing things she has no right to, causes her to keep this sense a deep secret—most especially from her husband. When this emotional wound becomes revealed, she must fight to accept what makes her different. Can she choose to honor and embrace what sets her apart and not become a casualty of others prejudice?

Loving Vintage Series

Loving Vintage eBOOK Loving Vintage coverAvailable in both eBook and Paperback print versions

Book One of the Loving Vintage Series, introducing boomer Annie Savone, the Loving Vintage shop manager. She manages Julie Bishop, the shop authenticator, and Mimi Shepherd, its celebrity stylist.

Vintage clothing has history—Boomer Annie Savone does not. Her challenge, to heal and restore the confidence to once again believe in self after the marriage that never should have ended does, drives her attempt to purchase the shop she manages. She must have the support of her closest friends and sales associates, Julie and Mimi to make the dream reality.

Once tucked away in favor of her long-term marriage, New Loving Vintage coverAnnie now opts to confront and unwind her long-clouded adoption as well and face the questions that have lurked in her heart forever. When the sale of the shop falters in favor of a mysterious young man and family secrets that can jeopardize it all, Annie leans deeply on Realtor Camden Fredericks as she digs deep to discover the who am I that fuels her resolute gamble to become whole.

Yellow Pansies in a Blue Cobalt Jar

Yellow Pansies in a Blue Cobalt Jar Available in both eBook and Paperback print versionsNew Kindle Yellow Pansies cover

Bibliotherapist, silver-haired Rhose Guerin uses books, movies, plays, and poetry in her private practice. An advanced professional credentialing program removes her from friends and family in North Carolina to study in Westport, Connecticut where she reconsiders her fading marriage; a daughter in a relationship crisis; a parent challenged by health issues; and the reappearance of an old love.

Long held family secrets and relationships are revealed that beg intervention as Rhose second-guesses decisions made in her past. Was the path she turned from, the betterNew Paperback Yellow Pansies cover one to have taken? Can she satisfy her need to grow both professionally and personally in order to find acceptance and romance in a life of her own?

There are no novels to show her how. She must be the heroine of her own story as she appraises and makes peace with life decisions boomer generation women face.

Nardi Point

Nardi Point Available in both eBook and Paperback print versions

Chanticleer Reviews Blue Ribbon Finalist

Should the past make way for the present —

Stylish, brunette Laurinda Elliot is the type of accomplished business woman glossy magazines feature on their covers.2018_NP_EB_civer Effectively managing a software product development team in Raleigh, North Carolina, Laurinda’s drive and savvy delivers all the perks: an upscale townhouse, Porsche Boxster convertible and designer clothing. Yet she now yearns for a different success—one that brings surprising first time experience with vulnerability. Her uber software code developer partner Dan Riser, can’t buy into the new direction she leads them, but goes along to keep the peace, and more importantly, beautiful Laurinda.

Or the present make way for the past—and love

When prehistoric Native American pottery artifacts are discovered on the couple’s North Raleigh building site in the Nardi Point subdivision, the2018_NP_PP_cover ancient past collides with the present and Laurinda and Dan’s relationship hangs in the balance. Laurinda must trump construction economics and greed to preserve commitment to her dream, uphold her friendship with holistic healing practitioner, Leyla Jo Piper, and answer to a new romance, all while attempting to conserve North Carolina history. Will digging up the past, bury her future? Nardi Point explores the thread of life that blends past, current, and future to recognize the importance of knowing who we are in the story of life.


A Path Through the Garden

A Path Through the Garden the award-winning Nardi Point sequel Available in both eBook and Paperback print versions

Chatelaine First Place Romantic Fiction, Restorative award

Alternative healer Leyla-Jo helps others grow their families, yet struggles with her own infertility. APTTG CoverHoping for a solution for her yearning to become a family, Leyla Jo turns to her folkways heritage and explores natural plant botanical solutions.

 When the archaeological exhibit the couple curates is compromised by international scientists from Rome and the Director of the local Art Museum, the couple’s role in the professional, scientific community is severely challenged. After Hal falls ill, Leyla Jo’s desire leads to a conflicted crossroad … must she choose a husband’s health over their craving for a child?

Now Leyla Jo must explore her path through the garden and PAPERBACK Cover APTTGtravel her biggest journey.



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